Bulletin 1

Dear O-bikers.
Orienteering teams KOB Decin and OL Wehrsdorf are proud to welcome you to the Smuggler’s path, the racing weekend of Czech and German MTBO Cup. Competition is located on Czech – German border in the north of village Lipová.

Basic information (changes are still possible):

Date: 17.-18.6.2017
Center: Restaurant U Pytláka (you may know it from famous competition Pytlákova Schovanka). WGS coordinates: 51.0129553N, 14.3529867E; Mapy.cz

Notice: The Pytlákova schovanka will not take place any more, so you have unique opportunity to visit that glorious locality.
Race area:To the North from main road no. 266 going through village Lipová, to the West going to village Lobendava, to the East going to Šluknov and to the North going to German towns Wehrsdorf and Sohland an der Spree.

Start saturday (middle): 14:00
Start sunday (long): 9:30
Distance center-start saturday: 1.5 km
Distance center-start sunday: 2.5 km
Distance center-finish both days: minimal (finish at the center)
Distance center-parking: minimal (parking next the center)

Prizes: Will be
Categories MW10: Will be
Children race: Will be
Evening party: Will be

Accommodation: Tents, caravans, mobile houses at the center, for more capacity see Accommodation list (in Czech).